A Modern Emergency Department for the Waianae Coast

at the Waianae Coast Comprehensive Health Center

New Buildings
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The Waianae Coast Comprehensive Health Center (WCCHC) is a cornerstone of the Waianae Coast community and has been providing affordable quality health care to the people of the Waianae Coast for 40 years. This highly respected organization and its facility provides a wide variety of essential health services that includes the only Emergency Department on the Waianae Coast. The Emergency Department along with its Laboratory and Imaging services is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. WCCHC is dedicated to providing quality health care to all in need and ensuring that neither income level nor lack of insurance creates a barrier to care.

WCCHC's Emergency Department is currently housed in a 37-year-old building and its facilities are stretched to capacity. Although the population of the Waianae Coast has tripled since the facility was constructed in 1974, the size of the Emergency Department has remained the same. The Emergency Department’s outdated design is inefficient and in serious need of updating. The current facility is overcrowded, cramped, lacks privacy and does not have enough treatment rooms, resulting in prolonged wait times and a challenge to clinical efficiency.

The current Emergency Department is one of the most heavily utilized on Oahu. For the period July 1, 2011 - June 30, 2012, 11,550 patients were seen through a total of 18,602 visits. Nearly one in six of these visits occurred during the hours of midnight to 8 a.m. These visits included a wide variety of health crises such as trauma patients (including serious auto accidents), women in labor, chest pain or congestive heart failure, and respiratory distress.

WCCHC is addressing the need to increase the Emergency Department's capacity and services by constructing a new building to replace the current aging structure. This new building is the third and final component of a community-driven plan to transform the main campus clinic buildings into a state-of-the art health care home for the Waianae Coast community for generations to come.

The new two-floor Emergency Medical Services Building has been designed with a layout and special features that improve patient flow, maximize clinic efficiency and enhance patient comfort. The first floor will house the Emergency Department while the second floor is comprised of rooms providing various supplemental services that integrate synergistically with the care provided by the Emergency Department.

Specific features include:

First Floor (13,000 SF)
  • Triage and Urgent Care Rooms
  • Trauma Rooms for immediately life threatening illnesses and injuries
  • Imaging/X-ray Rooms
  • Family Rooms to support family members experiencing a crisis
  • Second Floor (9,300 SF)
  • Treatment/Counseling Rooms
  • Training/Conference Rooms
The total cost for the new Emergency Department Building is $13 million, of which $5.75 million has been secured through state funding. We have launched a Capital Campaign to raise the remaining $7.25 million. We are confident that with donations from foundations, corporations, vendors, and community members we will reach this goal. We are grateful for any support that we receive.