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Hā Ola Mau is an opportunity for you to experience a part of Hawaiian culture rarely shared, seen or experienced today. Created and developed by the Waianae Coast Comprehensive Health Center to reflect the history, the values and the vision for the future of health & wellness in Hawaii. The walking trails are filled with beautiful shade trees, flower gardens, native plants and foliage, sanctuaries, custom artwork and spectacular ocean views.

Ha Ola Mau was created for people in our community and beyond as a place to enjoy the beauty, peace and healing magic found in Hawaii’s natural environment while providing a great place to get and stay fit & healthy — and learn about Hawaiian culture, the Health Center and more.

Hā Ola Mau works exclusively and closely with the Kupuna Council from the Dr. Agnes Kalanihookaha Cope Traditional Native Hawaiian Healing Center.

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All Hā Ola Mau classes and tours are temporarily suspended due to COVID-19. Please check our site in the future.

Classes take place twice a month. Participants will be guided by an experienced Native Hawaiian Practitioner to learn traditional cultural practices. Materials will be provided and participants will learn to gather, prepare, make and take home the valuable lessons and their very own products. Seating is limited – reservations are required. A nominal fee will be applied.

  • Papa Ulana Lauhala (Lauhala Weaving)
  • Papa Lei Hulu (Feather Lei)
  • Papa Kalo (Taro Class)

For more information or to make a reservation, please email HaOlaMau@wcchc.com.

Hā Ola Mau Events

All Hā Ola Mau events are temporarily suspended due to COVID-19. Please check our site in the future.

Hawaiian Cultural Experiences

Hā Ola Mau offers tours that inspires, promotes, and perpetuates various aspects of the Hawaiian culture; traditional arts and crafts, Hula, and Makahiki, but most importantly, contributes to the sustainability of the Native Hawaiian Traditional Healing Center and Waianae Coast Comprehensive Health Center.

We provide specialize tours to groups or individuals that are intersted in learning and experiencing Hawaiian culture. Activities can range from learning the hula, chanting, games, lei making, etc.

Type of Tours

  • E Hā Ola I Ka Hana (Corporate & Groups)
  • Hana No`eau (Hawaiian Arts & Crafts)
  • Health & Wellness Experience (Traditional Hawaiian Health & Wellness)

To make a reservation or for more information about our tours and experiences, please email HaOlaMau@wcchc.com

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